Rent a serviced office in Essex

What do you get in a serviced office?

It has been a while since we last wrote and there have been some major changes to serviced offices in the past 12 months, which is why we wanted to tell you what you get in a serviced office.  With the economy now picking up there has been a massive uptake in serviced offices and thus availability has greatly reduced and the prices are now slowly creeping up.

Are serviced offices still value for money?

The answer is simply yes.  However to understand why a serviced office is a better solution you should look at what you get in a serviced office.  Regus, who are one of the monist well known and have over a hundred serviced offices in the UK offer a complete solution.  This solution is generally replicated throughout the serviced office providers but with their own incentives:

The Modern OfficeThe BBC has recently put out an article on how the modern office was invented I suspect evolution of business practices and modern technology had a part to play in how the modern office looks. I recently visited our accountant and on entering his office it instantly reminded me of the old transport office I use to work in back in the early 90′s. There were files everywhere and everything was on paper. Back in the early 90′s mobile phones and email were in their infancy and no one trusted anything stored on computers.

Backups and Storage

Now some of the more modern day offices show amazing efficiency in space and are almost sparse due to the lack of paper. But the debate continues, should we go paperless or should we keep a paper backup? With modern technology a good backup system should mean you don’t loose anything. However, most people believe they have a good backup until something goes wrong. There are many document storage companies and tape storage companies for data back ups but ensuring that they are cataloged correctly is part of the problem when making backups.

The Russian spy agencies have now also decided to go back to the old methods of a typewriter rather than computers as the sensitive nature of the documentation could be compromised, no system is safe to a clever, dedicated and focused hacker.

Could we mix and match?

But with all the downsides of paper etc could we operate a paper / technology office? sending emails and then printing them out would seem a financial and environmental waste. Gone are the days of standing over a fax machine sending a 20 page document to 10 people and taking all day let alone the communication errors and having to resend various pages because the receiving fax was out of paper.

Personally I like the paperless office (except for the odd doodle or note). I believe it promotes a tidier working environment and thus a cleaner way of thinking. But remembering the file name of a document I sent to a client some time back in June last year remains a challenge.

New way of working in offices

Traditionally, people would go their office and use facilities such as printers, faxes, copiers, vending machines without thinking twice. However, in these modern technological times, companies are embracing technology to create a more streamlined office in a quest to become more and more ‘paperless’.

Cost Savings

As the chancellor looks to government agencies for cuts in their budgets, its not just the public sectors which looks to make savings.  Many private businesses in the UK and overseas look to save money, whether that be through costs savings in budgets, staffing costs, technology costs or even facilities costs.

The Decision to move your office space

Choosing to relocate your business to new office space is no easy decision to make and can impact significantly on your employees, your customers and your suppliers.

But if you feel you have outgrown your current office space and this is hindering your expansion plans you may have no alternative. It is a good idea to make a note of your key requirements before approaching a letting agency so you have a clear idea of exactly what you are looking for and more importantly how much you are willing and able to pay.

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